Homemade hearty meal soup –
choose your favourite flavour


Our hearty soups are now available individually. Do you need to eat something warm and satisfying? Our delicious, hearty soups are the ideal solution! No more feeling hungry or bloated. You can buy the soups individually and choose your favourite flavours. There’s no work to do: just heat one up and enjoy. If you want to cut out junk food for a while, opt for a Bikinibody soup week!

Choose from:

BORSCHT: beetroot, pointed cabbage, leek, carrot
BROCCOLI – ROCKET: broccoli, rocket
TOMATO – CASHEW: tomato, cashew nuts, basil
SAVOY CABBAGE: kale, courgette, coconut milk
SWEET POTATO: sweet potato, red lentils, tomato, turmeric


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