Granola 1kg/month – 3-6-12 months


Homemade, oven-baked granola delivered to your home every month. Every first Tuesday of the month, 1 kilo of granola will be delivered automatically to your home. When you’re ready to try a different flavour, send an e-mail to indicating your new choice before the 15th of the month.

Bikinibody granola is a well-balanced option. Our tasty granola makes it easy to stick to your diet. The ingredients are specially selected to ensure that you can enjoy a tasty breakfast or snack without feeling guilty! Our granola is high in fibre, rich in protein and low in sugar.

Delicious with a milk substitute and combined with fresh fruit for an extra boost.

Click on the flavour options below to see the ingredients:

Nuts about Chocolate Granola, Oh Sunshine Granola, Love Edition Granola, Jardins de Marrakech Granola

  • Granola for 3 months ==> € 25/kg ==> € 79.50 euro reduced from 95.40 euro
  • Granola for 6 months ==> € 23/kg ==> € 146.28 euro reduced from 190.80 euro
  • Granola for 12 months ==> € 20/kg ==>€ 254.40 euro reduced from 381.60 euro

Monthly deliveries: every first Tuesday of the month.

You can also collect it yourself in Antwerp.


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